tiistai 3. helmikuuta 2015


-Though the ground feels cold, I am walking with bare feet. Hay had grown at the shoulders of the road. The mist has fallen over the hay straws, making them shimmer under the sunshine, like a soft and gentle blanket, protecting the last bit of the remaining hay before the frost.And yet I feel no cold. Sound of rustle is echoing behind the woods of the forest. I stop and listen. Soon a tender and beautiful roe deer reveals himself. We look upon each other as we both know how beautiful this encounter is. With a blink of an eye it gracefully lopes back in aegis of the forest. -

Welcome to my blog. I love to knit and to design knits and I hope you enjoy your stay here.
I like also other art and fantasy and I try to present my design, story and photos  in intresting way and maybe it can inspire you.

My first knitting here is bambi shirt. I like the color pink and so bambi took new coloring in my mind. This shirt is easy to knit if you can handle intarsia knitting technique. The yarn I used, was 
Heritage cascade yarn which is very soft and lovely to knit.

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